• The Essential Elements of a Good Golf Swing

    There are some basics of the golf swing that the golfer should use to make a mental checklist. The first element is the alignment of the target body . Stand five to ten feet behind the ball, the ball directly between your body and the purpose. Locate inch ( grass leaves, sprigs , dirt, etc. ) Guidance on the ground targets before and behind the golf ball must be on a direct line to the place where you are standing and the target . Keep your eyes on those ground targets as you approach the ball.

    Align the clubface behind the ball, with the center of the clubface on a direct line between the two ground targets you have selected. Grip the club with just enough tension to keep it from slipping in your hands throughout the golf swing . Align your feet on a parallel plain with your ground targets , shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent. The front foot should be done slightly outward , toward the goal to allow your hips to flow freely through the swing.

    Tilt your torso slightly towards the ball , keeping your back straight . The arms should now hang freely in front of the body to grip the club . The shoulders should be parallel with the ground targets and the toes of the feet and the head should be tilted downward with eyes on the ball. Described these movements are known as tuning, or fight against the ball.

    You are ready to begin the golf swing. Keeping the back elbow tucked as closely to your ribs as possible , slowly take the club back on a straight line along the plain ground targets online. Hold tight throughout the backswing and never take your eye off the ball elbow before . This movement should naturally put your chin on your front shoulder. Hips should stay still and slightly tilted, while the knee to turn inward. At the top of the backswing , allow your wrists to break slightly.

    Bring the club down toward the ball , place the wrists, and shifting your weight on your front foot . You should try to build strength and speed of your swing down , never take the clubface on the line. When in contact with the ball, the clubface must touch the ground as it moves through , taking a divot of earth in the past where the ball was spread across his goal and the second floor.

    Finish the golf swing with a beautiful, large followed by the club. Your hips should be turned toward the goal . Your weight should be changed, and now must be firm in his right foot . Smile and watch the ball in flight to the target.

  • Golf Tips – The Mental Game

    Everyone knows Golf is a game of skill,patience and endurance, but there is also a mental element to the game that can turn a great round of golf into a disaster.  The ability to think clearly through each and every shot, without becoming too distracted or frustrated, is absolutely essential during a round of golf.  Most important, you have to perform self-therapy several times per round to keep your mind clear and focused.

    The most important thing to remember is that each shot must stand on its own.  The last bad shot that you hit is done – it’s over -  so do not dwell on it.  Conversely, you mustn’t think too many shots  ahead.  Just play with the mindset that the most important shot of the entire game is this one – the one you are preparing to hit.

    So, while it is important not to dwell on bad shots, you should take ownership of your mistakes.  Bad breaks can arise that are totally outside of your control, but don’t be upset about bad rebounds etc.  Forget any anger – just go straight to “acceptance”, and prepare to hit the next shot.

    If you do hit a bad shot, you should spend the time walking to your next shot analyzing what it was that you did to hit the shot poorly.  Once you have considered your mistake, make a mental note of it, so you won’t make the same mistake again in the future.  Throughout the round , a golfer should also make mental notes of mistakes and aspects that he can work on at the practice range in between rounds of play.

    Finally, above all else,remember to have fun.  A day at the golf course is a long one, there is plenty that can go wrong from the very first tee , but remain focused on why you are there – to enjoy the day and play a game.  It is a fun game to play, and even more fun when you are playing the game well, so remember to practice required to improve your game.  If you have not taken the appropriate measures to prepare yourself for success, then you should lower your expectations of your performance, and play just to enjoy the day with good company.